Rouges & Mini Rouges...Past and Present

Give us a cuddle!!

Theo loved by Christella.


Flo & Horatio

Pria's Baby

Ole Blue Eyes!

Rogano Mia 7 mths old and growing ever more beautiful!

Dad : Bo Mum : Ashe

We love a belly rub!



The Three Amigos - Rogano Innokko, Rogono Gizmo & Rogano Morpheus!

Thanx for the phoyo Susan x

Two heads better than one!!

Wale me up at dinner time!

Missy & Babies 2 born before midnight 10.03.2015 and 2 born after 20.03.2015!!

Rogano Polo

Having some bath time fun, Raggie style!

Having some bath time fun, Raggie style!

End of a busy first day at my new home with my new "slaves"

100% Traditional Boy- Keepsie!


Go Away........I'm having a FAT day!

Nick & Eric ......Besties!

Nick & Eddie



Arya and Sansa growing up beautifully

Arya and Sansa

Images of our Ragdoll Family, Adults plus both Past and Present Kittens, we do hope you will enjoy viewing our pictures as much as we enjoyed taking and receiving them!