Photo Album

Baileys and Malibu, Owned and Very Much Loved by Derya and Family

Nutmeg and Cinnamon, Absolutely Spoiled Rotten by Their Devoted Slaves Neil and Susan....Lucky Kitties!

Bella, Best Friend to Lina

Milo, Stunning Companion to Karen

The Fabulous Mr Smudge, Owned and Adored By Ian and Cornelia

"Besties" - Alessandra and Odysseus


Candy and Monty


Bella...owned by Lina.....loved to bits by her nephew. They play catch

Fuji - Owned and loved by Jenny.

Snowflake owned by Judith.

Rogano Arya, Mum: Bellaroyal Minx Dad: Ragadazel Merlin Owned and loved by Lisa

Sansa & Arya Owned and much adored by Lisa.

Erin and her much loved little Pixie!

Mia, (Rogano Boheme) Owned and much loved by Marie. A purring machine

Alison & Bo!

Nap Time!! Alfie Bo & Snow.

Cinnamon & Nutmeg.....2 very spoilt, but deservingly so!, young ladies

Here are some photos of kittens we have homed and friends we have turned into happy Raggie Slaves!!