Rogano Giselle (Daisy)
Mum : Pria
Dad : Griff


NOW - Pria's Babies 8 Weeks Old. It was impossible to get all seven to stay still!! I will catch the two Bicolour babies and add a photo soon!

Pria's babies (7 of them!!) now 3 weeks old! THEN

All our kittens who went to thier new homes in November and December'14 have settled in and are giving their new "Cat Slaves" lots of love and joy!

06.02.2015: Pria's babies are now 3 weeks old, They are so gorgeous!! 2 Blue BiColours and 5 Blue Colourpoints, some of them will be Chocolate carriers.  They are all reserved......Sorry! 🤪

Megs and Missy have had sleepovers with (respectively) Griff and Bo so, fingers crossed,  we will welcome their babies in March!

Izz,y too has now had a "Sleep Over" with Bo and, God Willing, her babies will be due early April! We are very excited about the outcome of the "merging" of these two old 100% Traditional Bloodlines!

Watch this space.......😙

Mandy x