1. We are looking for a lifetime home for 2 Bluepoint female kitties. They are beutautuful, healthy,  neutered  and up to date with vaccinations. They are about a year old.
  2. Their owners are moving abroad but would like to be able to visit the cats when they are in the country.
  3. If you think you can help, please contact me on:
  4. zanca@talktalk.net 

Pixie & Babies

Here are our new arrivals....Our Pixie daughter of Pria, gave birth to 5 healthy babies on Thursday 22.02.18.......


Here is our new girl Eevee, DOB 25.099.017


Our Day At TATLER!

The kittens had a wonderful time at Tatler Magazine. They were fussed andf cosseted by all the lovely girls from the Tatler Team.

Obviously they now believe they are superstars and are impossible to live with!! LOL


You can also check out their mention in The Londoner's Diary, Scroll down the 21st March page.

Great Selfie....Love this photo.

The Joy of finding the right fit!!

Editor Kate trying hard to get some work done..........Impossible when fashionista kitties take charge of the office!!! Lol

From Litter Trays to High Fashion....Fashionista Kitties

It's a tough life choosing the right shoes.........Do these match my outfit?😋

Nick & Eric!

In today's Guardian's Observer (04.10.2015) Nick Frost (Actor) and Eddie bred by us........Don't try this at home, no animals were hurt in the making of this interveiw!!!! LOL :)

Jordan's New Hero and Proud Dad of Eric!

New Arrivals Just 2 Days Old :)

Izzy and her 2 week old babies!

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