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Email 26. Feb, 2022


We are absolutely delighted with our gorgeous Marvin! He is so much fun, he loves to play with our two young daughters and snuggles next to us for cuddles of an evening. My husband fell in love with Marvin's mum Eevee when we first visited Mandy and we
were lucky enough to have one of her babies! Mandy is so lovely to deal with, very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you! Xx

Email 21. Oct, 2019


We will never say enough thank you to mandy for our Pippo! He’s absolutely a gorgeous and sweetheart boy..he never never never scratch ( and in fact I think that he doesn’t even know to have nails) he never blows even when it should be the case ( bath
time for example!). He loves to be cuddle, stay in our arms all time..he’s the best thing ever! He use to travel with me for 5hr in the train and he’s just amazing with anyone. He’s not scared of other people and just allow everyone to hug him and cuddle.
We could not have asked for more!! Thank you so much Mandy for have made that possible ❤️

Email Website 10. Dec, 2018


I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to find your site!

Email Website 27. Nov, 2018


OMG....Great page.

Email Website 3. Aug, 2018


Your website is sparkling and very popular.

Email Website 1. Jun, 2018


Wow, this site is very good!

Email Website 27. Feb, 2018


Please if you leave a kitten inquiry on this page....I need a contact email. If you dont leave a contact i cant answer any inquiries from here! Please use the "Contact Us" page for our email and phone number.

I contact everyone regardless of whether i have a kitten available or if you don't hear from me, its probably because I have no contact for you!! Sorry. Mandy

Email Website 30. Jan, 2018


Stunningly beautiful website! :)

Email Website 24. Aug, 2017


I am very happy to visit your blog.Thanks for sharing these.

Email Website 17. Aug, 2017

Vianey Job

I like reading your diary, keep it up.

Email Website 9. Aug, 2017


l love cats very much.

Email Website 3. Aug, 2017


Thanks for the lovely pics!

Email Website 25. Jul, 2017


Amo questa parte, i migliori auguri, caro amico

Email Website 6. Jul, 2017


hey, loving the site and you will be seeing me often in your site

Email Website 1. Jun, 2017

Amanda Zanchetta

Thanx for all your comments,Guys. 😃

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I would love one how much are they pls? Do you have girls available?

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Please email me at thanx

22.09 | 19:17

Hi, we currently own a four year old seal point boy and would like to now add another member to our family. With a history of four Ragdolls in the family, it is simply the only breed for us.