We have kittens available at the moment. They will be ready to leave mum at 12 weeks, which will be mid November. We have Blue and Seal in Mitted and Colourpoint.
Our next kittens will be arriving in the New Year and ready for their new homes in the Spring.

We sometimes have available, rare beautiful Cream Points ( and Blue Cream Torties) with unusually deep blue eye colour.
Mum Shawville Becky Blue: Blue Tortie Mitted and Dad: Raggadazel Merlin, Blue Colourpoint.

Pria and her babies. 7 healthy kittens born 16.01.2015. Our first litter of the New Year!


04.11.2022 23:17



I would love one how much are they pls? Do you have girls available?

22.09.2022 19:17

Karmann Damiral

Hi, we currently own a four year old seal point boy and would like to now add another member to our family. With a history of four Ragdolls in the family, it is simply the only breed for us.

22.09.2022 19:20

Amanda Zanchetta

Please email me at zanca@talktalk.net thanx

15.08.2022 11:58


Hi how much will a white kitten be

06.06.2022 09:02

Rachel Newton

Hi! We already have a blue mitted girl who is 1.5 yrs old and would love a young play mate.

12.04.2022 12:36

lucileia valente

hello, i am looking to adopt a ragdoll kittens and i was wondering how i would be able to do this and how much are they?

27.03.2022 13:34

Sharon Leonida

We are looking to buy a ragdoll kitten

10.03.2022 17:07

Marina Chiappini

Hi guys, I am looking for a little ragdoll girl. Could you please advise on costs and availability?
Thanks, Marina

27.01.2022 21:36


Hi, I was slave to a gloriously, cheeky ragdoll for 19 years, but I lost her last year. I am thinking of enslaving myself once again; have you any kitties available?

23.01.2022 12:03


Hi there! I am interested in a girl, do you have any available right now? And how much for they cost?

31.08.2021 23:02


Hi, I’m looking for a kitten, I have a lovely home and lots of time to devote, having had cats in the past and done extensive research of this breed. Would love to hear from you!

22.08.2021 21:39

Marie Hawkes

Hi I'm interested in a little girl kitten we have no pets no more as lost to old age and our home is empty want q lovable companion please email me qsap and make our house into q home again

05.08.2021 11:11


Hi :) I am interested in a little boy kitten, just wondering if there’s any available at the moment? Many thanks!

13.06.2021 01:13


I am looking for a blue lynx bicolor female kitten, please kindly reach out if you're expecting one ! =) thanks !

24.05.2021 12:33


Hi I’m interested in buying a blue mink/blue point/blue bi colour male kitten. I wanted to know if you have any available ones?

18.03.2021 23:20

Angie Aniwa

Hello, we are interested in a rag doll kitten. Do you have any available soon? Thank, you, Angie

10.03.2021 23:01


Hi, we are looking for a ragdoll kitten! Would you have any available? Thank you, Berenika

06.03.2021 14:53

Amelia & Stephen

Hi there.
We are interested in a male blue colourpoint or Seal colourpoint Ragdoll kitten! We work for Nick Frost and Hayley and he told us that they got Eddie Beeps from you! So pls let us know!

06.03.2021 16:30

Amanda Zanchetta

I cant see you contact details here. Can you email me zanca@talktalk.net thanx, Amanda

01.03.2021 07:36

David Ritchie

Hi I’ve got a male ragdoll coming to me in 2-3 weeks but I wanted 2 but I got the last 1 from the litter. Please consider me for a male kitten from your next kittens so that he can have a play mate.

27.02.2021 08:01

Teresa Tower

Good morning. We are looking forward to adopt 2x baby kittens 2 boys or 2x girls. Hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you.

26.02.2021 19:11


Can you let me know if you have a female kitten available. Thanks

26.02.2021 08:06

Amelia & Stephen

Hi there! I’ve been referred by one of your previous happy clients! I am interested in a kitten! Do you have any available atm? Thanks!!!

17.02.2021 23:19

sophie thompson

Hi please could you let me know if you have any kittens available. Kind regards, Sophie.

15.02.2021 19:53


Hello , i am interested in male ragdoll kitten is there any available plz ?

31.01.2021 18:55



Do you have any kitten available at the moment?

06.01.2021 23:32


I wondered if you have a waiting list for kittens?

18.12.2019 15:34

Amanda Zanchetta

Hi if you have a kitten enquiry, please use the "Contact Us" page or call 07870578369 or email zanca@talktalk.net. Comments left on this page DO NOT provide me with any of your details to respond😫

11.08.2019 14:47

Lauren Bretton

Hi, would love to come visit your kittens? I’m looking ideally for a seal/mitted girl, ideally for pickup mid/end of November.

11.03.2019 18:19


Hello, I am too interested in one of your kittens (if available) and would like to be added on a waiting list. Regards, Hedda

04.03.2019 00:55


Hiya, I’m interested in purchasing a kitten and was wondering what the cost would be and also when the kitten will be available. Kind regards.

15.02.2019 06:46

Sharon Trott

Hello, I am interested in adding a Ragdoll kitten to our family. They are all so beautiful but we think a blue or chocolate one would be lovely.

I look forward to hearing from you

25.01.2019 18:25

Stephanie Rodgers

Hi, I would be grateful if you could add me to your waiting list for one of your wonderful kittens; I understand from your website that you have a litter due in the Spring? Many thanks, Stephanie

01.12.2018 18:58


Hi I am looking for ragdoll kitten, please let me know the availability, Many thanks.

04.11.2018 16:38


Hi we are looking for any bread. We are looking for a beautiful cat it can be a boy or a girl we live in Hampton and if you wouldn’t mind it would have to be under 60 pounds thank you 😀

17.08.2018 14:55


Hi. We are looking for a seal bicolour boy kitten. Kindly let us know if you have. Thanks!

27.02.2018 02:14


Is there any kittens available now?

23.12.2017 03:31


Please contact me on my moble 0872778754. I want to buy a kitten,l live in Galway,love cats

27.11.2017 21:33

Aliye hassan

Hello my friend Elle kindly gave me your details . We are really interested in getting a female kitten before Xmas .
Thank you 07968606331 Ali

06.11.2017 11:48


Hi I would like to have a male kitten before Christmas or in Spring.like to know the restrictions and price.
07904611620(text pls)

01.10.2017 17:02


Hello I am thinking about getting a female kitten in mid November. Could you let me know how much you would be asking and also if you have any restrictions? We have a young golden retriever and a cat.

15.06.2017 22:44

Nurfarah Mattar

Hi, we're hoping to get a female kitten sometime in early November this year and wondering how much they cost?

01.10.2017 19:14


I cannot respond without an email or tel number! Please contact us at zanca@talktalk.net Thanx

15.05.2017 21:11


We are hoping to get a kitten in late July. Do you have any available?

03.05.2017 08:36

Lucy Peacock

Do you have any kitten currently available. We recently lost one of our domestic cats aged 17 to cancer & we'd like to bring a kitten into our family of 3 children (aged 11, 9 & 7) & our Millie cat

03.05.2017 10:28

Amanda Zanchetta

Hi Lucy, I can't respondo without a return email address! Please contact me on zanca@talktalk.net Thanx Mandy

22.04.2017 08:22


Clare contact me on my email zanca@talktalk.net as there's no way to answer you directly without a return email!! Sorry Mandy😊

22.04.2017 07:22


Hi, I was wondering if you had any litters planned for this year? Your kittens are beautiful and I would much prefer to buy a kitten from a registered breeder. I look forward to hearing from you.

21.04.2017 19:06

Rachel Sandford

Would you be able to let me know if you have a seal mitted female available in your litter?

15.04.2017 14:12

Amanda Zanchetta

Sorry I cannot send any reply to questions or comments left without an return email address! Mandy

15.04.2017 13:25

Sara Darby

Hello, I'd like to enquire about the possibility of either reserving one of your beautiful kittens or adopting one of your adult cats if at allpossible. I'd be grateful to hear from you. Many thanks!

15.04.2017 14:13

Amanda Zanchetta

Please send and email address Sara. Thanx

26.02.2017 20:30

Louise coles

Hello I would love to come and see the kittens, we are looking for 2 to join me and my husband, we have no other pets.

24.09.2016 01:59

Yasmin Kantharia

Hi I'm looking to buy a boy blue print Ragdoll, in either before Christmas 2016 or spring 2017, Please get back to me with details and pictures of the litters you have available.

10.06.2016 23:49

Janna and Barry Jennings

Your cats are so beautiful. We are looking to add to our family from late September and are looking for a female lilac/blue. We live in Guildford and are experienced cat owners.

11.06.2016 00:45

Amanda Zanchetta

Thanx for the compliment Janna😸 Send me your email or phone no and I'll let you know when our next babies are born, out kittens are strictly pets only😊

31.01.2016 11:26

Mrs Nowar

We are family with 3 daughters,who are all cat lovers. Please could we be put on your waiting list . Thank you

12.01.2016 17:43


Hello can you tell me when you are expecting kittens in 2016 please