Meet Our Gorgeous Girls.

Our girls bring us so much joy. They fill our lives with companionship and comfort. Their kittens bring love, laughter and happiness to our home and the homes of their adoptive families.

Everyone should have a Ragdoll.........there's nothing more soothing for the inside of a human, than the stroking of the outside of a Raggie!  So much so, that they are used in many Therapy Programs for Autistic Children, and Companionship Programs in Hospices Due to their Loving, Clam and Sociable Temperament.

Comfie (Southern Comfort) Seal Colourpoint
Sire: Happytyme Cosimo
Dam: Hollyberry Alice
Our Dowager Queen, 10 years old, neutered now for many years but still rules the roost and "Nanny's" everyone's kittens.
Grandma and Great Grandma to a couple of our youngsters!

Aleisha (Shawville Becky Blue) Blue Tortie Mitted
Sire: Emerisle Aiyce Cream
Dam: Happiness Cherry Blossom
Our "Chatty Cathy" Always has something to say and a story to tell. Our largest girl, last litter an astonishing 8, 4 girls 4 boys! All healthy and at the moment five weeks old! I would like to thank Kelly for trusting me with Aleisha's care, we love her to bits!

Missy (Imperialpride Porsche) Blue Cream Tortie
Sire: Purrfurus Evening Shadow
Dam: Sylvannia's Painted Lady
A stunning girl with many champions in her pedigree. A true Tortie and a comical character. Thanx to Sylvia for trusting her to me. She is my special girl and we love nothing better than snuggling in bed watching telly together!

Izzy (Galldora Isabella) Seal Mitted
Sire: Azzedine Leonardo
Dam: Ragalyn Blue Velvet
Izzy, Our little Sunflower! Loves nothing better than following the sunny spots around the garden. Izzy is very politically incorrect...and therefore a big fan of global warming!!!

Roxy (Bellaroyal Minx) Seal Mitted
Rox is just 2 years old. She is bold, fiesty, loves kisses and cuddles and has a delicious little white tip on her tail just like Daddy Warbucks!! She had her first litter of 6 babies this summer. She was a fantastic mum and the kittens healthy, big and beautiful. We are thrilled with Roxy and thank our friend, Ying for giving her to us.

Meggie ( Raggadazel Bellaraggadazel)
Sire: Bonnyhale Rio
Dam: Westhope Roxy
Our darling Meggie, sweet and adorable and in a world all of her own! Loves her babies dearly and keeps them and herself immaculate... BUT.....will happily step aside for any of the other mums who would like to do it for her, whilst she lies on my bed for a little Meg grooming time!!

Sire: Ch.KiwimagicPalace Prince Arnie
Dam:Ch. Ragapus Palace Krissy
Pria is our new girl. She ia a Blue (True) BiColour carrying the chocolate gene. Thanx Sue for choosing us as Pria's new guardians!

Ashika (Rogano Missymits)
Sire: Dark Crystal Blue Warrior
Dam: Galldora Isabella
Ash and her sister Bella, Our youngest girls, carrying on the traditioal bloodlines and doing a very good job indeed!

BELLA (Ilaria RaRa)
Sire: Dark Crystal Blue Warrior
Dam: Galldora Isabella
Bella our youngest, loves being a mum and having kittens around. She will happily take care of them all, and the other mums do take advantage!! lol


14.08.2019 10:34


Hi - would be really interested in two ragdoll kittens ready from November onwards?

25.07.2018 12:17


Hi I’m interested in a the ragdolls that will be ready in November. Are you able to email me more information?

Many thanks

28.12.2017 16:05


Hi, we would like to come and visit your cattery as we would like a ragdoll as our first pet. Please drop me an email at your convenience if you have availability. Thanks Danielle.

28.12.2017 17:55

Amanda Zanchetta

Hi Danielle I need a contact for you. Email me: 😁

20.02.2017 09:00

Jim Bruce-Ball

Hi Mandy - I am on 07921 603 994. My email is - The best time to speak would be evenings at around 8.30pm if that suits? Thanks, Jim

19.02.2017 19:17

Jim Bruce-Ball

Hi. We would love to take on a Ragdoll as our first family pet. Would it be possible to arrange a visit to your cattery please? Kind regards, Jim

19.02.2017 22:54

Amanda Zanchetta

Hello Jim I need an email or phone number to contact you. Mandy